NEKI KABHI BEKAAR NAHIN JAATI HAI……..पिछले महीने मैं अपने इक दोस्त की किडनी के पत्थर के इलाज के लिए कोलकाता के मशहूर आयुर्वैदिक संस्थान NATUROVEDA गया था और वापस आया तो अपने दांतों की तकलीफ से मुक्ति के साथ !

By the grace of Allah , I am going to be 69 this December and I don’t have any major health problem, excepting a couple of stiff bones.

However, I had been experiencing very severe tooth ache for the past six months, although I have all my 32 teeth intact and never had any tooth problem before. My friends suggested me to go for tooth extraction, root canal treatment etc., based on their experience. But, I have always been avoiding Allopathic method of treatment & medicines, for any kind of ailment that I ever had.

Instead of going to a dentist, I kept on changing my tooth pastes from one 
Ayurvedic tooth paste Brand to another. It gave me temporary relief, lasting for a couple of hours. To remain pain free, I started brushing my teeth four to six times a day.

And then, I chanced to visit “NATUROVEDA” head office at Kolkata on the 12th of August 2017 for some other reason. While I was leaving, they gave me a complimentary pack 3 tubes of 100 gms “DANT JEEVAN” tooth paste, one of their unique Ayurvedic products.

I thought of giving this a try and from next day, I started using this just once a day. Believe me, it started showing result within a week and by the time, I finished my first tube in about four weeks, I am completely cured. Now, I am taking hot tea, Ice creams & other sweet dishes without any problem. It seems, my teeth are as strong as they were in my youth days.

Undoubtedly, “DANT JEEVAN” is a wonder product.

I wish to communicate my most sincere thanks to “NATUROVEDA” group for my recovery, with a request to make “DANT JEEVAN” available at all locations in the country, even in the rural areas, where tooth problem is more common because of poor oral hygiene.

Disclaimer: I have endorsed lot of products as a professional model on commercial terms. But this endorsement is purely as a part of my philanthropic activities.