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This is my ancestral house in Bhagalpur, the place where I spent early part of my life.I used to commute to the old campus of Bhagalpur College of Engineering at Barari from this house.When I graduated ,I was just 18 yrs & 9 months old, 5′ 2″ tall, weighing 35 Kgs. and no mustaches.I gained 4 ” height and reasonable body weight after I left BCE.Of course, got mustaches too.Just after graduation, I faced an interview at IIT, Kanpur for admission into M.Tech course.Besides asking subject related questions, one of the Board members asked “Which district of Bihar you come from ?”.I said “Sir, Bhagalpur”.His next question was “Is your district also drought affected ?”.In order to gain sympathy, I said “Yes Sir, very badly”.He retorted “That’s why you look like this”.And I was rejected, not because of my repulsive personality but because of some other reason.
When I was in the final year, I chanced to meet Astro Palmist Sri Tarkeshwar Tripathy, who used to live near blind school , Kachehri Chowk area, Bhagalpur.He gave me a written prediction that one day I shall be a celebrity & a face known to the entire country.Although I didn’t believe him , yet I had his words with me as a prime mover.Becoming a celebrity, one could go either into politics or sports or films.I had no interest in politics and the other two were unimaginable for the 5’2″ tall young man weighing 35 Kgs.
The other route to fame was via journalism.I started using my writing skill to achieve stardom via this route.And eventually, I established myself as a successful feature writer & columnist in National News dailies.It gave me some sort of sense of achievement but my fan following was limited to a very small segment of the society and still worse was that my name became famous & I remained an unrecognizable face.
To achieve that, hoping against hope, I kept participating in Plays etc through various forum but recognition was no where in sight.Times passed and I had another tragedy waiting for me.I lost all my hairs gradually & became completely bald.
I lost my hair but didn’t loose hope.
And at last, about 20 years back, entertainment industry suddenly started going in for art movies, where an unusual looking character was preferred over good looking guys.Almost the same time, TV programs also multiplied phenomenally.

I started getting work in Films & TV programs .Very insignificant ones.My first major break came when I promoted Air Tel as a model & stage actor along with Shahrukh Khan and Karishma Kapoor.That was about 15 years back.Then I got the coveted role of Mahatma Gandhi in a film titled “Riches of India’, produced by BBC and directed by celebrity British director Mr,Patrick Mark.This was followed by a role in the Showman Subhash Ghai’s film “Kisna”. And I arrived.Then, there was no looking back.Offers started pouring in and gradually I started getting noticed.

Till date, I have acted in over 130 Hindi / English films, TV Serials /. TV Commercials / Print Ads/ Plays.Out of which, I have played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in over 30 of them.
I can’t believe when people rush to me for autographs & photographs, when I see 40″ X 20″ hoardings with me as the principal character, not only in India but also overseas.I have done some International modeling assignments & films.
The prediction of Sri.Tarkeshwar Tripathi came true aFB BGP HOUSE 4nd the boy with “Drought affected look” finally became a celebrity.

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  1. shaikh Maswood Akhter

    February 23, 2015 — 10:13 am

    Dear Sir
    I go through your article “MUSHKILL NAHI HAY KUCH BHI AGAR THAN LIJIYA ” and know about your student life and the problem you face . The heading of this article is true . I got a chance to learn the lesson .

    Thanks & regards

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